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{{ctrl.Coin.market_data.current_price.btc | number: 8}} BTC {{ctrl.Coin.icoPriceBtc | number: 8}} BTC
Market Cap Volume (24h) Circulating Supply Max Supply
${{ctrl.Coin.market_data.market_cap.usd | number }} USD
{{ctrl.Coin.market_data.market_cap.btc}} BTC
${{ctrl.Coin.market_data.total_volume.usd | number}} USD
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Masternode information
Daily income
$ {{ctrl.Coin.masternodeDailyIncomeUsd | number:5 }}
{{ctrl.Coin.masternodeDailyIncomeBtc | number:8 }} BTC
{{ctrl.Coin.masternodeDailyIncome | number }} {{ctrl.Coin.symbol | uppercase}}
Weekly income
$ {{ctrl.Coin.masternodeWeeklyIncomeUsd | number:5 }}
{{ctrl.Coin.masternodeWeeklyIncomeBtc | number:8 }} BTC
{{ctrl.Coin.masternodeWeeklyIncome | number }} {{ctrl.Coin.symbol | uppercase}}
Monthly income
$ {{ctrl.Coin.masternodeMonthlyIncomeUsd | number:5 }}
{{ctrl.Coin.masternodeMonthlyIncomeBtc | number:8 }} BTC
{{ctrl.Coin.masternodeMonthlyIncome | number }} {{ctrl.Coin.symbol | uppercase}}
Yearly income
$ {{ctrl.Coin.masternodeYearlyIncomeUsd | number:5 }}
{{ctrl.Coin.masternodeYearlyIncomeBtc | number:8 }} BTC
{{ctrl.Coin.masternodeYearlyIncome | number }} {{ctrl.Coin.symbol | uppercase}}

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About {{ctrl.Coin.name}}

Kalkulus is a decentralized digital asset that offers blockchain based solutions enabling instant transactions to anyone, anywhere in the world.

The main use case is represented by their hosting platform “TheHub”, that is one of the first masternode deployment and hosting platforms operating on the market.

Launched by Kalkulus Team in July 2018, and officially registered and incorporated in the UK as a private company, the platform offers a wide range of solutions to stakers, masternodes holders and simple investors alike.

TheHub aims to increase, improve and widen the range and level of services offered, improving the overall user experience for all customers on the platform, where users can pay for services with different cryptocurremcies, mainly KLKS, BTC and ETH.

Kalkulus want to represent as a long-term project for investors, traders or just cryptocurrency lovers. offering a long-term and perfectly balanced passive income for stakers and masternodes holders that contribute to maintaining the KLKS blockchain keeping it a fast, stable and secured network.

Check out this product at https://thehub.host/

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Required coins for masternode {{ctrl.Coin.masternodeCoins | number: 0}} {{ctrl.Coin.symbol | uppercase}}
Masternode worth $ {{ctrl.Coin.masternodeWorth | number: 2}}
Exchange Pair Price Volume(24h)
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