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Coin Listing for Coins listed on Exchanges




TEMPORARY BRING ON THE BULL MARKET SPECIAL:  Listing will be up within 24 hours (best effort)  & 1 month free ticker spot & 900×150 Pixel Banner provided by Coin on the CMC homepage.

  • Coin is listed on CoinGecko
    • – we do NOT aggregate volume or price data.
    • – if listed on another exchange or provider please email us  info@checkmycoin.com to test API.

We are not asking one-time fee, this product is a annually subscription.

Terms of Service:

CheckMyCoin (CMC) is a listing service providing Accurate Stats, Masternode explorer, prices and marketcap information, socialmedia and coin project background information. No refund possible. In case of listing multiple coins, relist or change coin please contact us for different opportunities.

Listing is for 1 coin OR 1 tier – Tiers require significant custom coding and take up to 5 business days. In case of tiers or custom api’s different then CoinGecko we do ask a one-time fee. More information via mail info@checkmycoin.com.

CMC will tweet, Insta – FaceBook post and Discord publish announce each coin’s listing. CMC is also offering publishing the coin via a blogpost and will cost an additional $ 250,- and needed to be paid afterwards.

We do not give status update on approximate time of listing, if requirements are met, listing will be within 24 hours.

Relaying new exchange additions, API availability on Coingecko or Coinlib, Swaps, Collateral Changes or rebrands. are the responsibility of the Coin dev team.  Ongoing and critical wallet errors will may require a increase of bounty or delisting.

Swaps, Rebrands & Collateral changes require additional maintenance fees.

We reserve the right to remove listed for any reason we deem necessary.